Ian Schwartz and The Sour Candy Orchestra

This song is based around an inside joke, I guess. Not really that inside anymore.

Dinosaur Dressed as a Human


Change isn’t such a bad thing.

The gig went well. Thanks to those who came out.

Tuesday, February 22, I’ll be playing a solo gig at Think Tank in Cambridge. It’s sort of a “soft opening” for their acoustic singer/songwriter series.

I’ll be playing “in the round” with Kelly Rice and Hughie Stone Fish. Basically 2 songs apiece rotating until time runs out. Honestly it’s my preferred way to play shows like this.

I’m also working hard to try and make sure I have something to sell. Would a home-burned EP be tacky? Maybe?

This is pretty much awesome…

2009 (Blame It on the Pop)

Good news: We have a show!

Bad news: You can’t come! It’s a private event. Boohoo.

Good news: We are practicing again! We played together last night and it sounded awesome.

I just can’t get motivated to post. And I’d be willing to bet nobody reads this anymore, but we’re going to get the band gigging and rolling again and the first step is posting…

So, I was listening to an old favorite tune of mine, Trickle Trickle. It’s an old doowop tune that the Manhattan Transfer covered and made popular. I can’t get it out of my head. And a quick search of youtube shows some awesome covers of this song which I thought I’d share with you, the huddled masses.

Crazy Japanese Rock N Roll Version

Spanish Speakers Who Could Not Be Bothered to Google the Lyrics

I have no words…

Bonus: The last group ruins 4 Beatles songs at once!

Double Bonus: The original recording of Trickle Trickle by the Videos

The Fort Point Arts Community has invited you to attend a new event!
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Locally Grown

10 Boston artists.

making work you can afford.

because money doesn’t grow on trees.

that should stimulate your economy.

Small Hr

MASS.production & FPAC present:

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MASS.production and The Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC) present a show of 10
young, local artists at FPAC’s recently opened Gallery @ 12 Farnsworth, an alternative art space in Fort Point. The show opens April 8th with an opening reception Thursday, April 16th featuring live music and an opportunity to meet the artists and hang out in Boston’s industrial underbelly.

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Small Hr

ScreenPrinters, Painters, Photographers, & more

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- Adam YothersJames WeinbergShayna Shenanigans-

The pieces chosen for the show reflect the current DIY ethic and trends in parodied social commentary and imagined realities rendered with bold graphics and specific attention to craft. The work ranges in medium from silk-screened prints and marker illustrations to large format analog photos and multi-media collage. All artists involved are offering smaller work for the show, many at prices under $100.

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Small Hr

FPAC’s Gallery @ 12 Farnsworth

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The show is hosted by FPAC’s Gallery @ 12 Farnsworth, which is an artist occupied
commercial space run for artists, by artists. The Gallery shares space with Made in Fort
Point, the FPAC Store which sells art, design and craft from over 50 Fort Point artists, open
Monday-Saturday. The gallery, store and openings are free and open to the public.

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Small Hr

Ian Schwartz & the Sour Candy Orchestra LIVE!

The opening reception will be a live event with local food & drink. Plus music

from the chamber pop group Ian Schwartz & the Sour Candy Orchestra.

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Small Hr


I haven’t posted in a while. I promise this won’t happen again. But there’s a bunch of stuff to talk about.

First of all, the Cantab gig went splendidly. Well, relatively speaking. That’s a nice show because the venue has its own draw. About 10 people came out specifically to see us, which I think is pretty good considering that it was a rainy-ass Monday. We got some nice compliments and had a fun time.

From Sour Candy Orchestra

On a more personal note, some seeds that I’ve sewn have sprouted and I’m very excited. I’ll be honest that I’ve never really had much of an inclination towards gardening, but I do like to eat. And plants mean free food, eventually.

So without further ado, here are my babies:

Gypsy Sweet Peppers:

From Sour Candy Orchestra


From Sour Candy Orchestra

Jelly Bean grape tomatoes:

From Sour Candy Orchestra

SO! yeah, too much going on in my head at the moment. I’ll post a more coherent post tomorrow…hopefully.
I just came from a talk thing with Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls – and it was really enlightening. I recorded most of it, and there’s definitely a few parts I’d like to share, particularly some anecdotes and some stuff on songwriting and random stuff.
Unfortunately, I have to go take care of some paperwork right now for my suicidal car – but later this afternoon, I’m totally pulling my keyboard out and revisiting old lyrics and songs i’ve worked on. And hopefully finishing up a piece I’m currently working on for Audix.
I like actually feeling inspired, for once.