Ian Schwartz and The Sour Candy Orchestra

So in my morning browsing on facebook, I came across an interesting link to a video in my news feed.

Gamer Uses Flute to Play Rock Band

(here’s the YouTube Version…, it’s amusing to read all the comments, esp. the crazy guy who thinks it’s a viral ad, lol)

I think to myself, wtf?  That’s pretty f’ing sweet…so I check it out.  To my surprise – I actually know the flutist…we were at SUNY Potsdam together.  I went back to check the source of the link on facebook, and it was actually not from Potsdam or from anyone who knew her (she’s on my friend list, so I could have easily come from a close source).  So, man, it looks like it’s actually getting around!

Anyway – basically, Danielle (the flutist), uses the vocal play option on Rock Band.  Since it doesn’t rely on actual words, just pitch and rhythm, apparently any instrument will do.  It’s awesome.

So, of course…I went and tried it myself.  I don’t have Rock Band, only Guitar Hero World Tour.  I pulled out my flute and brought up Misery Business (since I’m oh so familiar with it from covering it with the other band).  I felt like Guitar Hero was a bit more finicky with vocals than Rock Band…it wouldn’t register pitches I knew were correct.  And the mic kind of sucked, I had to be practically on top of it.  But, none-the-less, it was a lot more difficult than it looked, and made me appreciate the 98% she got on expert.  I received in the 70′s on expert.  Damn.

So…a new way to play Rock Band/Guitar Hero?

I know I get tired of playing “fake” bass all the time – this could turn out to be rather interesting…